24 Classic Original Recordings
Product Description This American jazz pianist's style ranges from delicate to bombastic employing a contrast of rhythms, meters and tonalities. Here's his earliest work with the San Francisco-based trio between 1949-1951 exposing his raw talents on 24 classic pop standards. Includes You Stepped Out of a Dream; Lullaby in Rhythm; Singing in the Rain; Body and Soul; Let's Fall in Love; Blue Moon; That Old Black Magic; 'S Wonderful; How High the Moon; Heart and Soul , and more. Amazon.com The sum total of three 10-inch trio records recorded between 1949 and 1951, this provocative collection finds a restless pianist who is simply fascinated by contrasts in tone, color, and emotion. In many ways, Dave Brubeck is a scientist here, experimenting with polytones, unorthodox harmonies, twisted rhythms, and odd melodic variations that perhaps only made sense to him. Why pound jarringly through a tender ballad like "Laura"? Because it accentuates the utter beauty of its melody. Why begin the buoyant "Indiana" as a fragile poem? Because it accentuates the jaunty playfulness of its melody. Brubeck swings like mad one minute and is stiff as a board the next, not only toying with the listener, but with the time-tested standards that he molds into highly original performances. A young Cal Tjader proves a worthy collaborator, bouncing between drums, bongos, and vibes and not only keeping up, but propelling the music ever forward. --Marc Greilsamer
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