College Algebra Tutorial DVD (Includes practice exams)
The College Algebra Tutorial covers material found in a college level College Algebra course or high school Algebra 2 course. In fact it is based on an actual college course. It covers common College Algebra topics and some basic concepts that the teacher expects the student to already know. It also lets you know how to check your answers. The teacher explains what is important about each algebra concept and walks you through numerous problems to reinforce them. This DVD is also helpful for students taking the College Algebra CLEP, ACT, and SAT tests. Learn step by step how to solve problems, check your answers, and a few algebra tricks. The teacher has an Engineering degree and has taken many advanced math classes and is ready to pass that knowledge unto you. This DVD covers the following material: 1) Linear Equations 2) Solving Linear Equations containing two variables 3) Functions 4) Evaluating functions 5) Linear Functions (lines) 6) Polynomials 7) Factoring 8) Greatest Common Factor 9) Difference of Two Squares 10) x^2+bx+c form 11) ax^2+bx+c form 12) Grouping 13) P&Q method (also called M&N method) 14) Quadratic Functions 15) Zero Product Rule 16) Square root Method 17) Completing the Square 18) Quadratic Formula 19) Quadratic Functions (parabolas-vertex) 20) Exponential Functions 21) Logarithmic Functions 22) Compound Interest 23) Word Problems 24) Fractions 25) Graphing Calculator. Have a private tutor right on your TV. No distracting gimmicks, just straight forward tutoring. Cost less than 1 hour of tutoring! Benefits of this DVD include: 1) Spending less time doing homework 2) Save hundreds of dollars by not hiring a tutor 3) Able to review material over and over again till you understand it. DVD includes 3 practice exams to test your knowledge and help you find out what areas you need to review again.

College Algebra Tutorial DVD (Includes practice exams)

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